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Carolina Lombardi

Psychologist Psychotherapist

Sessions in Italian and in English

A psychological journey aims to understand which are the elements of stress in a person's life and to provide support and relief,

detecting the best strategies to deal with everyday problems.

The objective is to promote an increase in wellbeing, a better overall functioning and, at times, a new self-narration.

Everyone deserves to live life at the best of their ability, and a psychological journey can facilitate this change.

With psychology you open yourself to a creative process, stimulated not only by the psychologist's expertise, but by your own history and personality.

We proceed with care and consideration into the person's unique life, made of numerous subjective experiences.

Hence, it is not just about determining the obstacles, but it is a path structured to consider each person as a unique and sophisticated entity, characterized by strengths and resilience.

Why a psychological journey?

A journey of psychological support is intended to help a person during times of struggle, personal or relational crisis, discomfort, or life changes, without ever losing sight of the individual's uniqueness.

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